Thursday, April 5, 2012

Backyard Chickens

 Recently, about two weeks ago, we made an adorable addition to our happy little family. We drove down to Southern States in Summerfield, NC and picked out four baby chicks. We got these chicks to provide us with eggs, keep our garden somewhat free of bugs and for general cuteness. They have been growing so fast and are full of personality. 

The types of hens were picked based on their laying ability and their overall heartiness. We purchased a Barred Rock, a Rhode Island Red, an Australorp and an Easter Egger. Each hen will produce about 4-5 eggs a week in the summer and about 2-3 a piece in the winter.

Here are some photos taken last week of the little ladies. The lightest chick in the front  is "Sugar", our Rhode Island Red. She just happens to be the sweetest and is the spunkiest. "Practically" the chicken is the light brown one. She is the Easter Egger and will produce beautiful blue eggs (hence the name). "Jitterbug" is the black chick with yellow on the top of her head. She is a Barred Rock, and much more hesitant to jump in our hands and be shown affection. And last but not least the Australorp. "Peeple" the chicken is the almost solid black chick, she is the smallest in the bunch and also very quiet and standoffish.

The chicks will be under the heat lamp for a couple more weeks and after that they will be moved into their new home outside in a brand new coop! I will post some updates soon as they grow into beautiful hens.

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