Tuesday, April 10, 2012

DIY: Garden Markers from Kitchen Utensils

This week we are all about switching things up.  Whether it is styling something in a new way, finding a different use for an ordinary object, or changing up your normal dinner routine; we'll be sharing fresh takes on projects with you all week.

Last week I showed you how to easily make a hostess gift from inexpensive wooden utensils, while working on that project I was inspired to think of other ways to style these every day items.  By taking the utensils out of the kitchen and into the garden I found an easy way to repurpose them and add a little color to my herb garden by turning them into garden markers. 
All you need for this diy is a set of wooden utensils (better if they are untreated wood because the paint will stick better), small alphabet stickers, painters tape and a few spray paint colors.  The first step is to spell out the names of your herbs or vegetables on to the top of the utensils,  I used the back since it was a flatter surface.  Then I added a few inches of painters tape to the bottom of the handles so the painted part wouldn't go into my garden soil.
Next take everything outside and add a coat of paint to the front.  Let that dry, flip over, and paint the back of each utensil.  After that coat dries completely, remove the stickers and tape and place around your garden- so easy!  You can also add a layer of clear coat for added protection against wear from the outside elements.

I love this colorful addition to my little herb garden and plan on making a few more sets of these for friends and family as we get closer to planting season.  Stay tuned this week for the rest of our ideas for taking a new approach to your every day routines!

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