Tuesday, April 3, 2012

DIY Hostess Gift: Painted Serving Utensils

Are you heading to a Easter brunch, dinner, or party this weekend?  If so, arrive in style with a homemade gift for your gracious hostess.  I put together this quick and simple DIY that you can do in no time, but is sure to leave a lasting impression.  Oh, and the best part?  If you're like us and have craft paint and painters tape in your supply closet already, this craft will only cost you about $3.  I picked up these colorful striped napkins that were the inspiration for the project at Target and the bamboo serving utensils at the Dollar Store.  After washing and drying the utensils well, I taped off the top half and applied a coat of white paint. To make the whole project a little easier I used a paper cup to keep the utensils up right as each coat dried.  Next I taped off striped sections to add my colors.  I mixed various pink shades to match the napkins and finished with a cheery orange addition.

How simple is that?  Once everything is dry, tie up your gift with a little bit of twine and take to your next get together as a little thank you to whoever is hosting.

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