Monday, April 16, 2012

Weekend Getaway: Packing Made Easy

Happy Monday!  This week we want to talk about getting away for a bit.  Spring has arrived and in North Carolina we are lucky to be close to both the beach and the mountains, so the opportunity to get away on an adventure is always in the back of our minds.  Tomorrow Allison will be sharing some excellent choices for quick trips around our state but today I want to share some trips for what to pack for that spur of the moment out of town getaway. 

About a year ago I read a tip for packing for a vacation that really stuck with me, to choose a simple one or two colors for your travel wardrobe and stick to it.  I am notorious for over packing for the shortest of trips so this tip has really come in handy to streamline my process for choosing outfits that will easily fit in a carry on or small weekender bag.  The idea is to look at your overall wardrobe and choose the one or two colors that you are naturally drawn to and choose pieces that will coordinate to give you multiple options when playing around with outfit decisions.  This season I am especially drawn to rust and peach so I decided to pair those with a few denim neutrals for a wardrobe that could be used for a trip from anywhere from two to five days.  Here's what I included:
  1. A couple of accessories that will coordinate with everything you pack, I chose a simple wooden bangle and a tigers eye stone pendant.
  2. My favorite vintage blazer in a warm rust color to throw on for any cool nights while I'm out.  I added an adorable silk flower from one of our favorite etsy shops, ReBloomed.
  3. A few shoe options, I like to have a sandal, a flat, and a heel; depending on the weather and the environment.
  4. A pair of adorable high-waisted denim shorts that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.
  5. A go-to favorite pair of rust colored jeans that add some fun color to the most laid back outfit
  6. A simple denim dress that is ideal for an outside event or even a dressy date night
  7. One dressier silk top that can also work in multiple situations.
  8. A vintage silk scarf that will coordinate with everything I packed and adds some color and pattern to the most simple of outfits.
  9. A large tote bag from another etsy fave, Un Original Americain, perfect for toting a camera and all my other essentials.
The rest of packing list included a smaller tote for nights out, a simple cotton tank to pair with the jeans or shorts, my best worn in denim shirt that can be worn on its own or layered over a tank, sunglasses and a nice neutral nail polish, and a much-loved 35 mm camera for capturing all of the important moments. 

I hope this rule of packing in a limited color palette will be helpful as you plan for your own upcoming Spring adventures.  Stay tuned all week as we share tips for getting away from the every day, from outfits to recipes, to our favorite camera apps and places to visit!

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