Hello!  We are Kat, and Liz: the ladies behind Collect & Carry.  We are friends and family crafting the lives we love. Here we’ll share with you the ideas, information, and inspiration that we collect along the way.  Join us on our adventures in creating, merry-making, and celebrating everyday. This is our life, collectively.

Allow us to introduce ourselves:


   I am most happy when I am creating, making, designing, and doing.  I simply can’t help but be inspired by the people, nature, colors, shapes, and textures that surround me and I think it is in my blood to take those inspirations and turn them into something visual, something tangible, something beautiful.  A few things that really make me smile are lovely typography, great packaging, mid-century design, delicious food, good beer, sing-alongs, and a knockout outfit.

With a background in design, fine arts, and art education; I have taken my love of art and craft and infused it into as much of my life as possible.  These creations come about by way of painting, drawing, designing, printing, styling, photographing, or simply documenting.  I also love collaborating with my husband on our shop and with friends on creative projects whenever inspiration strikes.
I am humbled and awed by the talented people in my life and in my line of work.  To me, it’s just too good to not share.


I am compulsively inquisitive.  If there is something I want to know about, I research.  This has frequently led to a lot of doing.  Several of those amateur research projects led to big-time loves.  Big love led to a lot of making and sharing.  Here you will find a lot of those things that stuck around:  gardening, cooking, knitting, sewing, music, greening my home and body.  You will also run into the various and sundry things that catch my attention and become my project of the week.  Beware, because you may find them to be addictive as I do.

By trade, I am an eleventh and twelfth grade English teacher, but I have also been known to teach and write science curriculum, DJ a radio show, moonlight as a farmhand, and maybe play in a band or two.
I’m excited to share what I’m up to with you.  I’ll probably read everything in sight and cook you dinner along the way.

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  1. I just discovered your blog and I love it! Keep up the good work ladies